Vegetables Out-Growers Programme

Assorted Vegetable seeds/Manual Irrigation Pumps/Ferilizer Lending Programme

Masagala Global Enterprises has removed access barriers to getting high quality improved variety seeds and seedlings of common and exotic fruits and vegetables that can turn around the household income dramatically.

Conditions for enrolment into the programme include:

  • Signing Memorandum of Understanding with Masagala Global Enterprises to be the sole market for the beneficiary.
  • Deposit of 15% of the total project cost (Seeds/Manual Irrigation Pumps/Ferilizer) with Masagala Global Enterprises.
  • Evidence of insurance with Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Cooperation (NAIC) for the particular project.
  • Adequate site development to support gardening/dry season farming.
  • General entrepreneurial agreement with Masagala Global Enterprises.