Successful Harvest 2016!


The back to farm project is initiated by the Chairman/CEO of Masagala Nigeria Limited to assist farmers with loan of fertilizer and Herbicides to boast their farming. The programme started in Belel and Sorau communities of Maiha Local Government Area in Adamawa State, Nigeria with the distribution of fertilizer and herbicides worth N5.5 Million to individual farmers for the year 2016 season.

We distributed it to individual farmers as loan and that the loan is to be repaid at the end of the season. The beneficiaries are from various villages of Sorau and Belel districts as follows:

  1. Belel, Bungel, Pette, Boloko, Wuro, Kurori, Konkol and Jamtari. Also Sorau, Kongoli, Masagala, Laide.

We used village heads in identifying the needy ones and also we involve them to assist us in disbursement and recovery of the loans.

They are as follows:

  1. Ardo Bajika Wuro Kurori
  2. Ardo Boloko
  3. Ardo Pette
  4. Mani Jantari
  5. Adamu Buba Konko
  6. Ya’uba Manu Sorau
  7. Isiya Jamtari.

We started the recoveries immediately after harvest and as at 29/1/2017 we recovered the sum of 3.5 Million Naira Only. We are expecting to recover the remaining balance soon. However, we faced a lot of challenges in the recoveries because we didn’t plan it very well due to the delay from the supplier. And also given to individual beneficiaries not as group. In view of the above we recommend that in this year 2017 season all beneficiaries of this programme should form a group of Ten (10) people each with chairmen and secretaries respectively.

The chairmen and secretaries of each group should be the guarantors to their members and that only reliable and serious minded people is to be given the loan. Also they are to be responsible for the disbursement and recovery of all loans given to their members which recovery date line should not exceed December, 31st 2017. Also supply of this year farming inputs is to reach the beneficiaries in time.

We hope that the 2017 programme will be successful if the above recommendation is strictly adhere to.        ___________________

Abdullahi Jingi 



Table 1: Summary of the outputs from the project in 2016

Hectres Cultivated 0.2 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 Grand Total
Sum of Maize (Kg) 1,400 99,700 344,900 43,350 61,550 3,250 1,050 1,850 557,050
Sum of Bags of Fertilizer 1 110 311 18 49 3 1 2 495
Sum of Litres of Herbicides 4 296 900 64 92 12 4 8 1,380
Count of S/N 1 113 304 17 35 3 1 2 476
Average of No. of Hectares Available 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 5 2