Goats Out-Growers Programme

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Goats/Feeds/Medicaments/Farm development lending support

Masagala Global Enterprises is interested in supporting poor families in rural settings through agreements to establish and grow goats breeding projects for food and cash and link to available competitive markets.

Goats breeding

Local breed of goats are available in the local market. Breeding is not expensive nor laborious. Try starting with just two females and you will be amazed after only a year! Goats are browsers and not grazers. They need only shelter, water, supplemental feeding and general care.

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The conditions for enrolment include:

  • Signing Memorandum of Understanding with Masagala Global Enterprises to be the sole market for the beneficiary.
  • Deposit of 15% of the total project cost (goats and medicaments) with Masagala Global Enterprises.
  • Evidence of insurance with Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Cooperation (NAIC) for the particular project.
  • Adequate site development to support goat breeding.
  • General entrepreneurial agreement with Masagala Global Enterprises.