Fish Out-Growers Programme

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Fingerlings/Juveniles/Feeds Lending Support

Family farmers or local cooperatives can enrol to receive fingerlings/juveniles of wide-range of fish species depending on their interest and capacity to support their rearing to table size. They can be supported with all feeds requirement and other technical support, including medical attention, in case of outbreaks of diseases.


The conditions for enrolment include:

  • Signing Memorandum of Understanding with Masagala Global Enterprises to be the sole market for the beneficiary.
  • Deposit of 15% of the total project cost (fish and feeds) with Masagala Global Enterprises.
  • Evidence of insurance with Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Cooperation (NAIC) for the particular project.
  • Adequate site development to support aqua-culture.
  • General entrepreneurial agreement with Masagala Global Enterprises.
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